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R&D center is a professional team based on R&D and design of automotive plastic parts,and it's  Taicang GATZ and Jilin University School of Automotive Engineering, Xi'an Jiaotong University established cooperation for automotive parts'R&D base.

R&D center provides users automotive plastic parts' design, reverse design, data optimization program quickly, efficiently and systematically.To build a comprehensive test platform, formed a set throughout the design (optimization),integration test and manufacture supporting system to provide the design and procurement of "one-stop" services for manufacturing enterprises and automotive manufacturers,greatly meet the needs of customers.It is a collection of science and technology innovative in one "rapid response" design team. 

From the product design, 3D printing, PP, high strength, handmade light parts to the mold manufacturing forming system can assist automotive OEM and a supplier to test parts.

Professional R&D projects include automotive air conditioner, lights,interior and exterior and other plastic parts.

Automotive air conditioner: latest and reasonable structural design, tight assembly,smooth air ducts,providing a supplier to test to better serve OEM.

Lights: including the prototype lampshade, bottom shell, headlamps,different kinds of transparent parts'design and development. With 3D printing and CNC processing, using new materials to meet color, color matching, visual performance and other high quality requirements.

Interior decoration: According to customer's requirements and samples to design,reverse design and data optimization.Using 3D printing, silicone mold, RIM low pressure perfusion, high-quality low-cost solution for small batch production. Different kinds of surface treatment process to meet the color verification, laser carving, envelop, water transfer, carbon fiber and other requirements.We can provide small batch project on-site installation.

Exterior decoration:According to customer's requirements and samples to design,reverse design and data optimization. The structure is fashionable and reasonable. Using 3D printing, silicone mold, RIM low pressure perfusion to meet the assembly and design verification.We can provide on-site installation.

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