Showdown, harvest full - 2017 Shanghai World Expo International Tire Wheel Exhibition booth Range Rover

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  • Showdown, harvest full

    ——2017 Shanghai World Expo International Tire Wheel Exhibition booth Range Rover



    The 15th China International Tire Fair (TIRE EXPO 2017) was held at the Shanghai Pudong New Area Expo Hall from 21 to 23 August 2017. It was from the United States, Germany, Italy, Britain, Poland, the Netherlands, Korea, Portugal, India, Thailand, Taiwan, Hong Kong, more than 100 countries and regions, exhibitors and professional visitors attended the exhibition. We organized the company's participation in the International Car Tire Wheel Industry Event (booth number HALL2:2077), met a large number of global buyers, harvest products associated with the target customers 126, of which the scene reached more than 20 cooperation intention , Access to a variety of wheel cap needs, is expected to reach more than 90 cooperative relations, and achieved unprecedented results.

    This exhibition, can be used to "carefully prepared, patented new products, hub cover, warm reception, information exchange, cooperation and win-win" and other keywords for a general description.

    Carefully prepared

    This exhibition, from the communication of partners to the layout of the special installation platform design, from the exhibition hall huge advertising ideas to the X exhibition, publicity color page layout design, from the new product promotion planning to the advertising language collection selection, from the platform Exhibits the layout of the staff to implement the division of labor, from the exhibits to the exhibitors dress code, behavior language and on-site reception requirements standards, we have been carefully prepared for the show laid the foundation for the harvest.

    Stands in the exhibition hall entrance to the north gate of the two echoes of the huge billboards, is our debut at this exhibition of power. When you visit the neighborhood booth booth to do self-introduction, hear the most words is "I know, you are doing the hub cover" "Your billboards I see - great" "You should do Nice ". Before the dismantling, from the second floor of the exhibition hall came a guest, they are doing visual testing, he said to us, "I saw your huge advertising, you know that you do the hub cover, went straight to your booth coming".

    The three-door open booth design embodies the wisdom of our builders, beautiful colors, unique style, unique style, like the balcony is located in the courtyard - transparent bright, fresh and natural, to the guests left a deep impression.

  • Patent new products

    Self-luminous wheel cap and gas cap, is our own independent research and development of the latest patented products, but also our Gaizi booth new eye-catching highlights. The self-luminous hub caps on the electric and hand-rotating devices placed on the showcase and sample showcase have attracted a large number of professional visitors and exhibitors at home and abroad who have shown great curiosity and interest in self-luminous hub caps.

    Changcai Thailand tires agent Mr. Huang, will be shot in the scene immediately sent to his friends circle, and "new product recommendation" to send a self-luminous wheel cover a number of photos, to ask us to do since the light-emitting hub of Thailand And Myanmar distributor.

    Abdul Rasheed of Pakistan's wheel dealer, Hyun-Min Lee of WOORI in Korea, Jaleel of Indian tire manufacturer SUPER TYRES, H.Gamini Siriwardana of GRI in Sri Lanka, who are very interested in the self-luminous hub cover. Our WeChat, asked us to send the relevant technical information to his mailbox, want to recommend this product to their car market.

    A young mother with her two young children in the booth before the stop, asked to understand the function of the self-luminous wheel cover, looking at the sparkling wheel cap, two children wrapped around the mother must buy back to their On a private car.

  • Hub cover

    It is the finishing point of the car wheel hub, the wheel hub manufacturer, the focus of the traders concerned, is also a symbol of the car brand, taste and logo.

    A variety of combinations in the exhibits cabinet cover, barrel shape of different, Ambilight, all highlight the professional manufacturer of the hub of the ingenuity of the craft, showing elegant, unique.

    Mr. Li Mingyao, Purchasing Manager of the Asia-Pacific Group of the Calais Group, and Mr. Zhou Hui, Senior Manager, made a careful look at the details of our wheel cover. We stated that Calais would certainly consider cooperating with Gates in the future, Parting before and Zhang together to add WeChat, posed for pictures.

    KT Tires of KT Tires, a manufacturer and exporter of KT Tires, is pleased with the details of our company profile, product category, process flow, price details, logistics, delivery and other information. There is a large demand for wheel hubs.

    Russia's Worldwheels company's vide, is a car hub buyer, speak fluent standard Mandarin. He purchased the wheel from China to do international trade, very satisfied with our wheel cover, said the future will certainly purchase our wheel cover. Parting in our guest information on the registration form with Chinese wrote his name "vide" and contact phone, add our WeChat, he said happily "or contact with the WeChat more convenient, your product information Sent to me at any time. "

    SSW's Patcharin Jensrisakul is a Thai beauty sales manager, exhibiting at the International Tire Wheel Show, which is a professional hub manufacturer with independent brands, factories in Thailand. As a result of the booth before I forgot to bring business cards, before dismantling, she took his business card went straight to our booth sent to us. In addition, we have conducted an in-depth exchange with us on a related issue such as materials, processes, assembly, delivery, price, place of delivery, transportation costs, etc., which we have developed similar to Nissan's combination of hub covers.

  • TTL WHEELS company HASHIM and his entourage is the second of our reception before the reception of the last two Indian professional audience, accurately should be our buyers, but also the hub manufacturer, has its own brand. As a result of the dismantling, they directly into our reception desk seated, hands-on display cabinet in a variety of novel chic, shiny combination of the hub cover out, one by one, careful study, take pictures retained, can not be said. The process, we continue to ask the material, gloss, technology, foot, assembly and other professional issues. They dug out their own hub cover LOGO photos to us to see, want to help them to re-develop the design, like our exhibits the same appearance and quality. Before the farewell, the Indian guests asked us for two sets of hubs.

    Warm reception

    Look at the door, look out the weather. Smile welcome, warm reception is our current exhibition pocket pocket popularity of another magic weapon.

    Our sales staff, with a full of mental outlook and enthusiasm to stick to the workplace, the guests of the past smile greetings, attention to the attention of the professional audience enthusiastically, the exhibits have a strong interest in the detailed professional introduction, a hub Development and procurement needs in-depth exchanges, patient answers, carefully record the specific requirements of customers.

    Booth before the crowded, an endless stream. From the different countries of the professional audience, our booth exhibits full of curiosity and obsession, introduce the company, find samples, take information, answer questions, registration of guests information, the Ministry of Foreign Trade, sales of new and old sales staff busy and chaos But not lazy, showing a strong sense of ownership and team spirit.

    Take the initiative to greet, warm reception, the company's product information passed to the guests, so that guests feel the psychological respect, the demand was met. Since the luminous wheel cap, the gas cap is our specially prepared for the exhibition guests exquisite gifts, small souvenirs of the delivery, the company's information, and enhance each other's friendship.

  • Information exchange, win-win cooperation

    Business card collection, add WeChat, information registration, is an important way to keep in touch with the guests, is the supply and demand links and links, we never forget to ask the guests contact. Our sincerity and enthusiasm to win the appreciation and recognition of the guests, they actively cooperate with the initiative to add WeChat, personally fill out the registration information, and some also returned to their booth will be sent to the business card, happy to take pictures with us, which makes us Deeply touched.

    Information exchange, cooperation and win-win - this is not just our expectations, but also the wishes of the guests. We firmly believe that in the near future, Taicang Gates customers will be rooted in China, all over the world.

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